Acute Care Unit/In-Patient Services

Hanover & District Hospital has an active medical-surgical program that utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to care. The Acute Care Unit offers 24 active in-patient beds that care for a wide variety of patients with surgical and medical health issues of all ages. The medical and nursing staff who care for these patients utilize a patient centered approach in providing care.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Hanover & District Hospital has a two-bed ICU that contains specialized equipment and monitoring devices for seriously ill patients. Within the ICU, patients can be monitored using various methods including invasive monitoring methods. Patients can be ventilated for up to 24-hours in our unit. Patients who are cared for in the ICU will receive specialized care from nursing and medical staff.

Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services operates Monday to Friday providing services to in-patients. Services are provided by registered physiotherapists. If you are in the hospital and are in need of Rehabilitation Services, your physician will order these services and the physiotherapist will visit you in your room to organize the therapy.

In-Patient Pharmacy

The pharmacy is responsible for overseeing safe and effective drug distribution in the hospital for in-patients and provides a source of drug information for health care professionals, patients and families. Medication counselling, discharge counselling and medication summaries are available on request. The Pharmacist is part of the multi-disciplinary team and routinely works with the team to review patient drug therapy ensuring the best possible treatment.

Patient Meals

Nutritional Services StaffPatient meals are prepared by the Nutritional Services Department and follow heart health and Canadian Food Guide Portion guidelines. Retherm technology is utilized where the food is assembled cold on a tray. The tray is then put in the retherm oven heating half of the tray while the remaining half is kept cold.


Family Centred Care Suites

Hanover & District Hospital has two Family Centered Care suites that have been designed to meet the complex needs of patients and their families. The rooms are designed to have a “home like” atmosphere for patients and their families, with a fully equipped family room attached to a functional patient room. The suites themselves are utilized by a wide variety of patients and their families from birth to palliative care.

Family Centred Care Suite  Family Centred Care Suite Kitchenette  Family Centred Care Suite Living Area