Our Team


Dana Howes head shot

Dana Howes

President & CEO

Dana Howes was appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Hanover and District Hospital in February 2019. Prior to her current appointment, she held the position of Vice President of Patient Care Services/CNO at HDH for four years. Dana’s career in health care began 17 years ago as an Intensive Care Nurse in a busy tertiary regional center. She has a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Nursing Science. During her time at HDH, Dana has championed many key projects and initiatives at both the local and regional level that emphasize a health care system perspective. Dana is a strong advocate of rural health care.

Mary Rae head shot


Mary Rae

Vice President of Patient Care Service/CNE 

Kim Mighton head shot


Kim Mighton

Vice President of Finance & Operations

 Karen Otterbein


  Karen Otterbein

Manager of Human Resources & Physician Recruitment


Paul Burke head shot


Paul Burke

Facilities & Project Manager

Tasha Hamel head shot


Tasha Hamel

Patient Care Manager (Emergency, Environmental Services, Clinical Education)


Mel Miles head shot


Mel Miles

Manager Health Records & Out-Patient Clinics, Registration and Privacy Officer

 Peter McCombie

  Peter McCombie

Patient Care Manager (Surgical Services, Obstetrics, Dialysis, MDRD, Pharmacy)


Laura McCullough head shot

 Laura McCullough

Manager of Laboratory & Diagnostic Imaging, Infection Control

Sherrie Schope head shot


Sherrie Schope

Patient Care Manager (Acute Care, ICU, Nutritional Services, Dietician, Physio)


Megan Soers


Megan Soers

Health & Safety/Risk Manager