Our Performance

Hanover & District Hospital is committed to being transparent in its performance as a healthcare organization. Performance is continually measured and tracked in many different areas. The following information is reported publicly in order to remain accountable to the communities we service.

Each year Hanover & District Hospital produces an Annual Report that includes financial, operational and a performance overview. View our most current Annual Report.

Quality & Safety


Accredited with Exemplary Standing Seal

The Hanover & District Hospital has achieved the award of Accredited with "Exemplary Standing" from Accreditation Canada three consecutive times. (2013, 2017, 2021) Our organization has exceeded the requirements of the accreditation program and has been awarded the highest standing!

Management and staff are commended for their hard work and dedication to quality patient care and health services that they provide.


Operational Plan

The purpose of the Operational Plan is to act as a roadmap in guiding the organization in achieving its Strategic Quality Goals and Objectives and overall Mission, Vision and Values of, Partnering for Excellence in Rural Health Care. The Operational Plan will essentially uphold the Strategic Plan of the hospital.  It will guide leaders within the organization in achieving our Mission, Vision and Values of Providing Exceptional Care.



Operational Plan 2024/25



Quality Improvement Plan (QIP)

The QIP is a requirement of the Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA) and assists the hospital to further improve the quality and safe care we provide to our community. The Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) is the only one of the tools HDH uses to help document and review current performance in a variety of areas. With this plan, HDH will be able to clearly see our targeted areas for improvement and chart our progress.

The 2023-24 QIP (Strategic Plan Initiatives and Quality Goals & Objectives) document provides a brief overview of our QIP highlighting our hospital’s top priorities for the year.


Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) - 2024/25

Strategic Plan Initiatives 2024/25

Quality Goals & Objectives 2024/25


Patient Safety Indicators

Hanover & District Hospital takes patient safety and care very seriously continuously monitoring hospital-acquired infection rates.

C-Difficile – Quarterly Report

MRSA – Quarterly Report

Surgical Safety Checklist – Quarterly Report
Hand Hygiene Compliance – Yearly Report


Risk Management Plan 

The purpose of the risk management plan is to protect patients, staff members and visitors from inadvertent injury. The plan is a primary tool for implementing the organization's overall risk management strategies.  It is designed to provide guidance and structure for the hospital's clinical and administrative services that drive quality patient care while fostering a safe environment for staff and patients.


Risk Management Plan 2024/25 


Patient Safety Plan


Hanover and District Hospital (HDH) is strongly committed to ensuring that patient safety is the underpinning of all of our programs and services in our goal to deliver exceptional patient care.  Patient safety is paramount, and HDH promotes a culture of patient safety.


Patient Safety Plan 2024/25 


Infection Prevention and Control Plan


The infection control plan serves as a proactive and systematic approach to identify, prevent, and control the spread of infections within the hospital setting. By integrating evidence-based practices, guidelines, and protocols, the infection control plan aims to create a robust framework that aligns with the Provincial Infectious Diseases Advisory Committee on Infection Prevention and Control (PIDAC-IPC) standards, and other accredited Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) guidelines.


Infection Prevention and Control Plan 2024/25 

Financial Accountability

Corporate Sustainability

Conservation and Demand Management Plan

Human Resources & Communications

Human Resources Plan

HDH's Human Resources Service Mission is singularly focused on attracting, hiring, and retaining a vibrant, inclusive workforce who possess a spirited capacity of compassion, for continuous improvement and for contributing to the development of a strong collaborative culture in order to consistently meet and exceed the evolving needs and performance objectives of the hospital.


Human Resources Plan 2021-2023 


Engagement & Communications Plan for Internal and External Stakeholders

This plan is intended to guide the organization in communicating with its patients, people, community and partners.  The plan has been created to ensure that stakeholders in the catchment area of HDH are informed of appropriate activities and actions of the Hospital. 


Engagement & Communications Plan 2024/25